Car Wash Pet Wash

Autorama Auto and Pet Wash
1230 W Villard  Dickinson, North Dakota  58601
701 483 Wash (9274)

South West North Dakota's only twin bay automatic Vehicle Wash
South West North Dakota's only Self Serve Pet Wash
South West North Dakota's Best Vacuums 3 motors!
South West North Dakota's Only Self Serve Shampoo Station

Autorama  is open 24/7/365
The Wash   *Weather permitting - above 15 degrees
Pet Wash is open 24/7 -Heated Room

Shampoo  *Shampoo station does not work below 15 degrees

Cash, Coin, and Cards on all services. (Visa, Master Card, and Discover)

Gift Cards, Pre Paid Cards, and Accounts are  available.

Pet Wash; Oatmeal Shampoo, Conditioner, De-Skunk, Flea and Tick Treatment,  Air Blower, and Vacuum.