Rental Cars

Autorama Auto Sales has Rental Vehicles available by appointment.
(Plus Skid Steer Attachments)

We are not part of a national chain, so we rent with in a 150 mile radius only. 

Low Rates!   

Starting as low as $73.00 a day or $270.00 a week.
Daily, Weekly, or Month to Month is available.

$150.00 Refundable deposit is required.

No Hidden Fees!
Unlimited Mileage!

You must have auto insurance, a credit card, and a valid issued drivers license  (United States only)

Our Fleet includes but is not limited to:
5 Passanger SUV's and Mini  Van.

Sorry, we do not rent pickups of any kind.

Skidsteer Attachments for Rent include:
Standard Bucket
48" Bucket with Teeth
74" Skelton Bucket
Standard Pallet Forks
$75 daily  or  $300 a  Week
$250 refundable deposit

Please call Cory Heiser with any questions, phone numbers can be found on the "Contact Us" tab.