Extended Warranty Information - Protect Your Car

We know that sometimes it's a little scary to buy a used car, what happens if something goes wrong? At Autorama Auto Sales, we have you covered.

Autorama has taken the risk out of buying a quality used vehicle - now included at no additional cost on every eligible vehicle, is a 12 Month / 12,000 Mile  Warranty! That means your engine, transmission and drive axle are covered!  Nation Wide at most Service Centers.  On all eligible  vehicles.


With the 12/12  Warranty, you can be more confident in your purchase because you know that you are protected against unanticipated repair costs for the next 12 months or 12,000 miles.   If something comes up, you can bring your vehicle to ANY  licensed repair facility in the country  with a $100 deductible to have your repairs done. 


Powertrain Coverage:


Including engine, transmission, Turbo/Supercharger,  Transfercase


 Limited Warranty can be used at any licensed repair facility in the United States and Canada.

Seals and Gaskets:

Powertrain seals and gaskets are covered when required in conjunction with a covered repair.

You can upgrade the warranty to more of a bumper to bumper type coverage at the time of purchase for an additional fee. 

Conditions and Exclusions

For a complete list of covered and excluded makes and models,  see contract.

* Vehicle must be twelve (12) years old or newer

* Vehicle must have less than 144,000 miles at time of delivery

* Vehicle must be stock (ie. no suspension or mechanical modifications)

* Vehicle must have factory sized tires

* Must maintain vehicle within the standards set by manufacturer (Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, etc.)

* Please see  contract for complete terms and conditions!

*Personal use only.

*Vehicle must be stock with no modifactions   at the time of sale or during ownership.